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This Five Week Course is the perfect intermediate course and provides you with a clear roadmap on. everything from how to safety tools, packing lists for your first solo trip, health tips, how to travel to 5-10 countries a year and so much more!!

FINALLY, a proven way for women to learn how to travel the world confidently, safely, and without draining their bank account.

Without having to wait on friends, without having to figure things out on their own, and without having to overspend on flights.

If you're sick and tired of waiting on your friends, and all you need is a structured roadmap, a mentor, and a community support, this four week course is for you!!

This proven, step-by-step process will END the “my friends always agree to travel with me until it’s time to pay” rollercoaster, so you can stop waiting and begin your travel journey like a true wanderlust.

More importantly, everything that it took me 57 countries (and eight years) to learn, you will master in just fourweeks!!! Minus the all the headaches and avoidable mistakes I made.

This course is for women who KNOW they're not meant to live an ordinary life, and want to travel around the world, and the only thing you need is a roadmap on how/where to start your travel journey.

If you’re serious about learning how to travel the world like a pro from the beginning, and you're willing to implement a structured road map so that you and your family are able to vacation every month or every other month, then the next few minutes will be one of the best investments you’ll ever make!!!

But first, let’s address the elephant in the room!!

You’ve worked hard, you’re educated, and you’re finally at the point in your life where you want to start enjoying the fruits of your labor. You’re tired of waiting on your friends, but you still feel miserable sitting around at home watching your life pass by. You know there has GOT to be an easier way.

You go on the gram and you're following all travel pages and travel influencers and you see everyone else traveling around the whole solo. And they're making it back home, are totally safe, and are even building a following off of their travels.

So you sit and wonder....

"How can I really "DO THIS?"

"I'm scared shitless to travel alone"

"How do I get up the confidence to travel by myself?'

"I don't even know how/where to start."

You’ve looked at a few bucket list places you want to visit, you’ve done a little research online looking at flights, and know without a doubt that you want to master traveling the world- but you don’t have a structured road map, you don’t know if you’re paying too much for a flight, and you’re scared to travel without any safety tools, and resources.

So now you’re feeling stuck, frustrated, powerless, unsure where to go next.

So...What if you didn’t fix this and continue waiting on your friends, traveling the world without knowledge, and overspending on flights?

If you stick with the traditional ways of booking flights, and preparing to travel, you’ll continue to struggle with making travel affordable for you (and your family), and you’ll always get stuck waiting for other people for you to live your life….. Which leaves other people in control of your life…… Not yourself. Your travel goals eventually disappear...along with your dreams of actually seeing the world and truly taking the steps you can towards living.

And I don’t think you’ve sacrificed and worked so hard for everything, just to not be able to enjoy life.

When I say I feel your pain...I really do. Truth is, I wanted the same thing you do... to be able to travel the world with confidence, to travel safely, and without draining my bank account.

I’m Keem, also known throughout the travel community as The Passport Abuser. I’ve been solo traveling for eight years, and I’ve been to 63+ countries solo.

I started out bookings flights and using a “gut feeling” to determine if I paid too much for a flight. I only traveled when my friends were able to afford it, and everything was usually paid through a travel agency or on an online search engine.

Back then, because I didn’t know what I was really doing, I was only able to travel once a year, because travel seemed too expensive, and my friends couldn’t afford it either. So I was stuck. I was operating on other people’s time and financial resources and not my own.

By 2013, I was sick of living like this and knew there had to be an easier way to "live my best life” without waiting on my friends, and overspending on vacations. I was super MISERABLE!

Something had to change.

I had nothing to lose, and everything to gain. I decided FEAR was not my God, and quite frankly, neither were my girlfriends who could never seem to travel with me.

I decided to create a system for everything. Flights, Safety Tips, Crossing Customs Borders, Health tips, you name it.

I packaged everything up and even made PowerPoint slides for all the things I learned to make it easier for me, (and also to calm my own fears) about traveling the world alone.

I grabbed my luggage and was off to Paris for six weeks to test out this system that I had been working on.

And guess what?

It worked!

Not only was planning my best teacher, but experience was the much needed addition.

I’ve been able to travel to fifty seven countries as a solo traveler safely, confidently, and without draining my bank account!

One by one, women started reaching out to me on Instagram, and asking for help on how I was able to travel the world alone.

So I started sharing simply based on wanting to help others...and people LOVED it.

Not because it was amazing, but because it got results for women around the world!

Check out what Forbes, Business Insider, and USA Today Had to Say About Me!!

So what IF?!

Instead of only being able to vacation once a year you were able to travel every month or every other month out of the country?

You learned how to build the confidence needed to take your first solo trip?

You had a mentor and a proven system to use along the way?

You learned how to put flights on layaway to relieve the pressure of having to pay for flights upfront?

You had the support of community of women who are learning to travel solo just like you?

You had someone to check in with everyday while you're on your first solo trip?

You learned how to cut flight prices around the world in half?

You learned how to outsmart the algorithm of the airlines when purchasing a ticket?

Even better, what IF?!

You had the confidence to tell your friends that you’re going on vacation, and that they’re welcome to come along, but if not, you were still going, with or without them? Imagine that type of power shift.

You had the safety tools and resources to travel the world and were able to conquer your fear of traveling solo?

You learned how to ensure that you get a driver and photographer in each country that you visit?

You could learn my method of how I safely meet other tourists and local white on vacation and have a blast?

You learned the entry requirements for 195 countries for US Citizens?

It was this EXACT strategy that took me from Country #1 to Country #63.

This method is proven, and has been vouched for by nearly 300 women, and several different newspapers and magazines. There is no program on the market that educates, and empowers women to travel the world except this one.

And now I’m sharing it with you.

What the travel agents and pyramid travel agencies are not telling you!

You can’t give everyone the same cookie cutter travel plan and expect them tom have the best first solo travel experience and knock it out the park. It just doesn’t work.

I realized that when people go to travel agencies, they pay so much money in fees that they can only afford one trip a year. Not to mention that when they get to the intended destination, they fell alone, empty, have no road map to follow, have no safety tools, and are pretty much left on their own.

Why doesn’t paying a travel agent work?

Because each time you want to travel, you’ll have to pay a travel agent! So once again, you’ll always need them. So you keep wasting money paying them, instead of investing once in learning the tools to learn how to master traveling on a budget.

Then, there are the pyramid agencies that are commissioned based when you get new members under you to join. The issue is that these agencies also have a deficiency.


Because when you travel with their agency, the travel date is on their schedule, and there are a bunch of excursions that may not fit into your style of traveling. Once again, someone else is calling the shots, and not you!

You’ve Tried The Above Options And They Haven’t Worked!!


Because these agencies are not OBSESSED with customer outcome, or service delivery. The difference between Travel Like A Bawse and other companies, is that the mission of Travel Like A Bawse is to teach women around the world how to master traveling the world safely, confidently, and without draining their bank account. There is no other company that helps women build the confidence to take their first solo trip, utilize a systm that keeps them safe, and does this without breaking the bank.

Travel Like A Bawse is here to introduce you to the NEW VERSION OF YOURSELF!!!


Travel Like A Bawse is here!!!! And FINALLY, there's now a way for women to learn how to master traveling the world safely, confidently, and without draining their bank account.


The Travel Like A Bawse Full Masterclass is everything you’ve been waiting for. And then some. Oookkurrt! Let’s keep it. You’re here because of two words. BRAND EQUITY!! I’ve traveled to 49 countries (and counting) and there are nothing but receipts on my instagram page. IG: @thepassportabuser In the masterclass, you will receive my four years and 49 countries worth of knowledge. And THEN SOME!! Cuz yes, I’m “extra”.

This course is four weeks long, and during each module of the course, you will break for an in-class activity, and there are also video tutorials in addition to class content to ensure that students are learning the material. Following each module, homework is provided to ensure your success in the course.

The Travel Like A Bawse Masterclass is for beginners in solo travel, intermediate and advanced. This course is for people who are ready to say #BYE to what’s holding them back in life, and start their globetrotting journey, without draining their bank account, and still checking their 9 to 5 in check.

In the full masterclass you will learn the following:

  1. 10“cha ching” methods that show you how to CATCH PLANES LIKE TAXIS!!!! After this module, you'll be in the AIR FORCE (as my students say)!!! lol
  2. 21 Bawse Tips to ensure that there is ALWAYS a straight line between you and the airport.-TRUST ME THIS ONE RIGHT HERE YOU IS FUNDAMENTAL.. YOU NEVER WANT TO BE DENIED ENTRY TO A COUNTRY YOU ARRIVE.
  3. How to turn long layovers into free mini trips with free hotels, free food and FREE transportation.
  4. How to get hotels for NO MONEY DOWN and Air B n B’s for no money down, or a small fee only.
  5. My Air B n B coupon to get $45 dollars off your next Air B n B.
  6. My world renowned “Travel Like A Bawse” method that shows you have to maximize your vacation and LEVEL UP!!! YOUR VACATIONS WILL NEVER BE THE SAME. ON GOD!! This method is the MAJOR KEY that has catapulted my career as a travel influencer, and got my country count up!!
  7. How to create a dope itinerary to ensure that you’re never bored on vacation!! (Insert me walking a cheetah here). CONTENT BRINGS FOLLOWERS, REVENUE AND MAGAZINE EDITORS TO YOUR PAGE!! THE CONTENT HAS TO BE BOMB!!
  8. How to get the most “instagrammable pictures”-even if you’re traveling alone. You DON’T WANT TO MISS THIS ONE!! I made a whole career off of photo content!!
  9. Safety tools to use while you’re on vacation. I bet you guys are wondering “how the hell is she always alone and comes back without a hair on her HEAD touched?”. No worries! I got you!
  10. How to finesse a private bodyguard and driver while your on vacation solo.
  11. Health tips for when you get sick on vacation.
  12. Packing tips and essentials that will save you HELLA time and money on bags!

Included in this service is my personal attention to my students. For the full masterclass, I will meet with you exclusively on video chat for one hour each a week to answer any questions that you may have.

Now that I've explained the course in detail, it's time for you to transform your entire life. Welcome to Travel Like A Bawse.

Your Instructor

The Passport Abuser
The Passport Abuser

Hi there!! Thanks for taking this course. My name is Keem, although most people know me as "The Passport Abuser". I'm an African American solo traveler who has visited over 45 countries solo.

I first started traveling solo because planning trips with friends became an "extreme sport" lol. I was also going through a transition in my life, where I was ready to start over completely. I was so ready for change in my life, and I realized that i couldn't wait on friends or anyone to give it to me. Lots of people told me I shouldn't travel solo. But for me, it was either that or let life pass me by.

Not one for mediocrity, I decided to that it was time to step into my fullness and just... fly. Literally. Ultimately one country turned into over 45, and I couldn't feel more liberated, empowered, and happy with my decision to start my solo globetrotting journey.

People have reached out to me from all over the world and asked me to help them accomplish what I have.

Therefore, I introduce to you "Travel Like A Bawse", the ultimate solo travel guide. I know how scary it is to start your solo travel journey.. Because of this, I've packaged all of my expertise into this course so that all the knowledge it took me 45 countries to gain, you get in four weeks. This course will teach you how to "catch flights like taxis"

The exhilaration I feel with each country has not withered. This is my purpose, my calling, my life.

Welcome to my world. The world awaits us all.

Wheels up,


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